• Image of 'Antiglot' Limited Edition USB
  • Image of 'Antiglot' Limited Edition USB

Only 50 made. This is a great deal that includes the deluxe edition of Brad's 2016 album "Six Infinite" as a free extra.

This 2GB reusable USB drive plugs into any device with a USB port. Contained on the drive is the 11-song "Antiglot" album (2017), 16-song deluxe edition "Six Infinite" album (2016), all artwork in high resolution, and digital booklets.

01 March
02 Serpent Mound
03 Anna Laura
04 Boadicea
05 Joshua Tree
06 Teotihuacan
07 Alchemical Hermaphrodite
08 Gemini
09 Cellophane
10 Resist
11 See It